QUITEWIN TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION es uno de los fabricantes renombrados, los surtidores y los exportadores de Inflador De Neumáticos De Coche, con una fábrica en Taiwan. Con años de experiencia en la línea de producir la productos, nos conocen para nuestro funcionamiento excepcional en industria de la productos. Hemos establecido a nuestra compañía como una de la marca de fábrica principal en Taiwan. Aumentamos constantemente nuestra productos para cumplir los estándares internacionales. Detenemos a un equipo de profesionales, que proporciona en entregas del tiempo la productos alta calidad. Los métodos de alta tecnología nos identificamos que aplicamos, conformándose con normas de calidad de calidad mundial.


Quitewin Technology Corporation
Focus on Quality, Performance & Safety.

Quitewin Technology Corp. (QTC) is a dynamic technology company that was established in July 2004. With a strong focus on high-tech electronics, we cater to the Automotive, Marine, Motorbike, and Mobile Phone Industries.

Headquartered in Taiwan, our journey began with a clear vision of the future of batteries. QTC quickly made a mark in the industry by developing our own patented technology, the Capacity Detection Circuit for a Battery. This breakthrough laid the foundation for our subsequent innovations.

Building upon our patent technology, we introduced the revolutionary "Battery Interrupt system" known as SmartGuard. This Anti-Theft Device with Remote Battery Disconnect gained immediate recognition and acceptance in the European market. Encouraged by this success, we expanded our product line to include battery-assisted products such as battery testers and battery backup systems.

As we entered the second generation of battery-assisted products, we introduced BattCheck, a cutting-edge solution integrated with a Smart Phone App. This innovative product allows users to check their battery status conveniently and safely. We continually strive to enhance user experience by prioritizing safety and convenience.

In addition to our focus on battery-related products, QTC recognized the growing importance of mobile phones in our lives. To cater to this demand, we expanded our product line to include a range of high-quality mobile phone accessories. Our offerings now include USB In Car Chargers, Charging Cables, Power Banks, Wireless Chargers, and a plethora of other interesting models.

With our diverse product portfolio and commitment to excellence, QTC has successfully penetrated global markets. We export our products to Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and other regions worldwide. We take pride in offering our customers a comprehensive solution, and we welcome opportunities for OEM, ODM, customized design, and branding partnerships.

At QTC, we are driven by innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that we consistently deliver products that meet international standards. With a customer-centric approach, we aim to forge long-lasting partnerships and continue our mission of providing cutting-edge technology solutions.

Nuestra sinceridad y trabajo duro nos han ayudado a emparejar la calidad de nuestra

Inflador De Neumáticos De Coche

con estándares internacionales. Según las diversas clases de fabricación exige, nosotros le ofrece servicios perfectos.